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Deer Diary

1 Year: What we haven't lost.

This weekend marks a full year of switching gears. A year apart from friends and loved ones, watching small business...

Meet the Makers, July 2020 Edition

Without our incredible makers, Common Deer wouldn’t exist. We work hard to seek out the best talent from around the c...

Why Goods Made Here? A look at why we support American Made brands.

Now this is the conversation we’ve been wanting to start! We know there are endless places and ways to spend your mon...

Making It: Jeff Edwin

Here’s your chance to get to know Jeff Edwin of Ashari Woodworks out of Burlington, Vermont. Jeff is full of talent a...

Surveying it Up - Win Prizes!!

This survey will help us collect some feedback about what our customers and community are looking for right now. W...

Why Shipping Isn't Free

When you think of free shipping, one particular company probably comes to mind. And while everyone loves getting some...

Listening, Learning, and Creating Change Within

After some moments of quiet to listen and allow black voices to be heard, the conversation around race is ever-presen...

We’re still open, but our doors are still closed.

Today, May 15th, marks the two month anniversary of when we temporarily closed our store doors. As you know, behind t...
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