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Burlington, We Love You :: Community Art Project

We invite everyone to take part in our "Burlington, We love you"  Community Project

Burlington, We love you. We love you in the rain and on your beautiful sunny days. We love you covered in snow and dressed up in colorful fall foliage. We love you through all of your ups and your downs just like a best friend who is always there for you. We’ll always fight for you when times are tough and we’ll never turn our backs on you because that’s not what best friends do. We’re lucky to have you and we know that the secret to why life is so special here isn’t just because of the creemees. It’s all of the beautiful people who make up this unique and special city. We love all of our neighbors who fill the streets with their smiles and sweet “hellos”. We know that together we’ll continue to fill this city with love, compassion, and laughter because that’s what makes it so wonderful to live here.

What do you love about our city? What memories have you created here? 

Want to take part? 

This month we’re filling our windows with love for Burlington!

Stop in and write a love letter to Burlington OR drop off a piece that you’ve crafted. "Letters" can be completely visual if you don't want to write anything. Submit anonymously or include your name. Your note can be on anything. As long as it is 2D, positive, and appropriate it will be included in our window display. All ages are encouraged to take part!

Letters will be added weekly and on display at least through February 15th. 

Neighbor afar... you can still take part!

Shoot us your Burlington love note to with the subject like "Burlington I Love You" or mail us your letter to 

Common Deer
210 College Street, Suite 101
Burlington, VT 05401
(If you want artwork returned to you, you will need to include
a return label and/or email address for letting you know when pickup is available.)


Reminder - We are not open for drop offs on Tuesdays!

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