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Pick Up Frequently Asked Questions

Pick up TIMES  as of JANUARY 2021

12 - 4 Sunday, Monday, Tuesday 

11 - 6 Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Wednesdays - pickups by request (call us)

All other days of the week & times - please call us the day of to determine our availability. If there is no answer, we may be all working from home that day! Please email instead of leaving a message.

**Please note that you cannot do an exchange or return for store credit at the door unless you have coordinated with us by email in advance. Please email hello@commondeer.com or respond to your order confirmation and we will provide you the safe procedure that keeps our team and customers safe. No refunds, only exchanges for store credit or other items for eligible orders. See returns for more information! Thank you!


When will my order be ready?  

Orders tend to be ready within 2 hours during our pickup hours... but we say 24 hours to cover orders placed when we are closed or for more complicated orders. We batch orders during our slow times to increase efficiency of our staff. If you need an order rushed - we most likely can accommodate - give us a call 802.497.0100 during our pickup hours. Please await confirmation before showing up to the store however, as we are not always at our email, and again, our staff availability in the store can be limited during our slower months. 


How do I select pickup for my order?

The pickup option has recently been updated at checkout to avoid charging a fee and will populate before you enter your shipping address. **Please avoid using the express checkout methods for these options to appear**

If you do not see it as an option, you might be already logged in, and just hit "change" next to the ship to address. 
After hitting "change" - the pick up option should appear. 
Please do not mistakenly pick this option... if you need your order shipped, as you will need to complete a separate order with shipping charges in order for your order to ship. 


Will I get a separate call/email/text to let me know my order is ready for pickup?

There are many moving parts - but we have transitioned to be able to let you know when your order is ready with a separate email or text! Check your spam folder if you don't see a notification from us. If you haven't heard from us and it's been more than 24 hours -- shoot us an email or give us a call. Confirm that you ordered for pick up on your order confirmation email. It'll say "Common Deer" under shipping / delivery method. 


Why do you charge at checkout for pick-up? **ps. it is REFUNDED!

We have recently updated this to the new system offered by our website, so we no longer need to charge the refundable pick up fee..... BUT for those that haven't picked up their order yet --- Here's the explanation behind that: Human nature is to pick the cheapest shipping option regardless of reading what that cheaper option involves. We have been offering store pick-ups since 2013 when we started... so we've been at this pandemic strategy for a while... but what we found through many years is that many people who want their order shipped will accidentally (or purposefully) pick the Free pick up option in order to try to avoid paying fees or because they didn't read the options. Collecting shipping costs after the fact is a major headache... so we've learned to reverse the options on our website and REFUND after the fact once the order is picked up. READ: THE FEE IS REFUNDED AFTER YOU PICK UP YOUR ORDER!!!!!! Also, it's much better this way, as it leaves the option to easily switch your order to a local delivery or shipped method in the event you decide you cannot make it into the store for a pick up (it happens very often actually). Once your order is picked up, we will refund the shipping fee. 



What if I cannot make it in to pick my order up right away?

That's completely fine! We have a solid system for managing pick-up orders. Whether you're picking up immediately, the next day, or the next month - we will have your order for you. We try to send reminders for 2 week+ old orders - please respond with your plans if it has been more than a month. Please note that just because you have not picked up your order for a month, it does not change our exchange window. So if you are concerned about sizing or exchanging the items, please be sure to pick up on the earlier side to give yourself more (or any time) to think about it. 


Why is the door locked? What do I do when I arrive to pick-up?

Our door is locked at all times, because it is the only way for us to manage foot traffic, our reservations, and keep team/customers safe. When you have arrived to pick up an order you can just call our number on the door (802.497.0100) to let us know your name and that you are picking up an order. We will be right out with your order, as long as it is during the hours we note that are guaranteed for pick up. 


What if I need to pick up outside of the hours that are noted?

We advertise specific hours because we make sure that someone is there to give you your order during those times. Feel free to call us 802.497.0100 if you are curious about a different time for pick-up....and if you're standing at our door sad that the lights are off and the door is locked... still try us. There could be someone in the basement or in the back. We have to limit our store visit hours and our pick up hours to keep our system on point.


What if my pick-up order was incorrect? 

We strongly encourage you to check you order at the time of pick-up to save a trip back into town. We are pulling 100s of orders a day... and since we're not robots, mistakes do get made unfortunately. We ask that you check your order immediately and let us know of issues within 24 hours at the most. We will work to figure out a good remedy. 


Can I do an exchange by pick-up?

As long as you're within the exchange window... place a new order for the item you want to exchange FOR. and in the notes write "exchanging _______ as a pick up” If possible, please include the original invoice or a printed order confirmation so we can quickly find your original sale. The original sale will be refunded that original amount. At this time (and always) we cannot offer refunds, even on online sales. Since our website is live and we cannot control what sells and what doesn't, we cannot place items for exchange on hold. The only way to have an item ready for pick up is to place a secondary order.
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