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As a business, how you spend your money matters. Showing your values with the gifts you send is growing ever more important. Whether you’re sending prospecting gifts to leads, showing your gratitude for your donors, or making sure your employees know you appreciate their hard work – your gifting choices make an impression - let us make sure it's a good one.

Common Deer is a small business that celebrates american made. By choosing domestic goods, you ensure more jobs stay stateside, artists do what they love, and local economies thrive. Working with Common Deer is your chance to access over 500 small makers and artists at once. Thank you for choosing to make a difference.

Looking to make an impact with your bulk gifting?

We're here to help with a wide assortment of sustainable, quality goods that support small business.

Why work with us?


We've been professional gifters since 2013 - so we are excited to bring that know-how to your gifting occasion.

Tailored Process

The gifting process is catered to your time constraints and needs - with hands-on and hands-off options!

Variety + Quality

We work with 500+ makers and artists, so the selection is unmatched.



Every gift and gift box created is unique to the gifting client. We work to fit your goals and exceed your expectations. Learn more below.


Postive Impact

Everything we carry is made in the USA. The makers and artists that we feature make quality products, keep jobs stateside, and keep their local economies thriving.

We'll fit your needs...

COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZED- We work with each gifting client to design a gift that meets their goals. While it’s true, we are stellar at Vermont-made and Vermonty themed gifts, we also specialize in gifts that have absolutely no connection to Vermont. We work with well over 500 different makers and artists from throughout the USA, so we have plenty of gift ideas to fit your custom situation. Additionally, our full sourcing list far exceeds what is featured in our storefront or on our website.

TIMELINE - It’s important at all stages of the process for us to have an idea of your ‘in-hand’ date – this is the date that you’ll need your items in hand. For instance, if the items are for a wedding, we suggest that your in-hand date be at minimum 3 days prior to the event date. Another example, if we are handling the mailing of gifts, the in-hand date would be the date that your gifts arrive to your recipients. We usually recommend a 10 day shipping buffer for mailed gifts between November 15 and December 31. Your timeline will impact the gifts we suggest and more.

QUANTITY - To qualify for our bulk gifting program, you could be need as few as 5 gifts. At most times during the year, and enough lead time, we have no maximum quantities. Please get in touch to discuss your bulk gifting needs.

BUDGET - This is an important number for us, as it impacts which gifts we suggest to you. The gifts we carry are made within the USA by artists and makers - and while we can work with almost all budgets, please note that limited budgets will limit the options we can suggest. Please note that when quoting this number, please do not include shipping costs. Handling and postage are additional.

PROCESS FOR GIFT SELECTION – We know your time is valuable - so we're efficient. Some clients provide us a total budget, a list of addresses, and leave gift selection up to us. Other gifting clients prefer to meet with us via phone or in-person to select gifts themselves. Once we know your budget, timeline, goals, and quantity we can provide a few ideas to get you started. We enjoy working with all types of clients and catering to your time constraints. While many gravitate towards our amazing gift boxes, we also suggest individual items that might stretch your gift budget a bit farther. At certain quantities and budgets, many items can also be customized with logos or messages.

FINISHING + SHIPPING - Would you like us to send your gifts to your recipients for you? Most gifting clients provide us a .csv list of recipients and addresses, and if desired, their own branded cards, and we’ll handle the rest. Other clients, prefer to handle mailing or gift wrapping themselves, and just need the individual items in bulk shipped to one address or available for pickup. Please let us know if your needs.

VARIETY + TIERS  - Will everyone on the list get the same gift or are you looking for some variety? For instance, if you have part time vs. full time employees and would like to have a different budget for each tier. Or maybe you're open to variety amongst the gifts if you have a quicker turnaround.

BULK DISCOUNT - At certain order quantities, we can provide discounts on product and services. These discounts are based on both the items selected, but also in the total budget, number of gifts, and the services needed.

BULK GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS - We work with gifting clients on all different types of gifting situations. To name a few:

  • Clients and Partner Gifts
  • Employee Appreciation
  • Donor and Board Appreciation
  • Sponsor and Volunteer Appreciation
  • Closing Gifts
  • Ongoing Gift Programs
  • Lead Generation / Prospecting
  • Event Attendees
  • Wedding Party Gifts
  • Wedding Favors
  • Hospitality Welcome Packages / Amenities
  • Bulk Friends and Family Gifts

“We wanted our (very large) staff at the Y to feel appreciated, especially after the first year of the pandemic. Given we couldn’t gather, it was a very easy decision to work with Common Deer in selecting the perfect gifts for the end of the year. Their team was so easy to work with, especially since we had at least 250 people to shop for. They were communicative and creative in meeting our budget, as well as finding enough of one product in a very quick turnaround! By the end of the second year of the pandemic, they had us so organized. The Y serves its community in so many ways, even with our shopping habits!”

- Michele O'Day, YMCA

"The Common Deer team is very hands on and handles every part of the process of sending gifts to our clients, directly to their door step.
They've helped us create a great process so that we can automatically send gifts from our internal systems, which are customized with our brands look and feel and thoughtful gifts based on each specific clients interests. They also offer different types of gifts that vary in price and quality, which allows us to meet the needs of all different types of clients."

- Nick Valletta, Byson Real Estate

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