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We're always on the hunt for great new brands and companies to feature on our site and in our store!  To get your products on our radar, please email line sheets/wholesale prices, pdf catalog/website links/photos, and policies to with "NEW VENDOR APPLICATION: (your company name)" in the subject line.  Please note that we cannot review products without wholesale and retail prices outlined. 
**Also, we are only able to carry American Made (some Canadian made) - so please note that if you pitch us products not made domestically it wastes our time and your time. If you have only some products that are made in America, then please note explicitly which products are explicitly American Made. 
** Finishing, printing, branding of an item put together overseas (i.e. hat, t-shirt, sweatshirt) unfortunately does not qualify as a domestically manufactured product. Raw materials and fabric can be sourced outside of America, but the physical manufacturing of the item needs to take place within the USA or our neighbors to the north (Canada). We try to follow an 80/20 or better policy. 80% of the product's production from start to finish took place in North America. If you are concerned about this, please let us know and we can weigh in on whether your product fits our policies. 
We work hard to match the retail price of our vendors. Due to the overhead of having a storefront and employees, we strive to have a wholesale margin of roughly 50% on all of our stock, with few exceptions. At this time, we do not offer consignment. 
Samples are a great way to expedite the process. They can be sent to our buying team at 210 College Street, Suite 101, Burlington, VT 05401. If  you will need your samples returned please include a pre-paid return shipping label with the package. Items sent without return label will not be able to be mailed back.  We are not responsible for lost shipments or damages to samples in transit. You are also welcome to drop samples off to our storefront, but please take note of procedures below**.
We ask that you avoid stopping into the store to discuss products with our staff on the sales floor. It is a matter of bandwidth, as we just do not have enough time to discuss potential products with every interested maker/vendor. If we could, we would - believe us! We're excited to see your products and definitely respect your hustle - just please go through the proper channels to get your product on our shelves. If you'd like to drop off samples, please simply state you have a sample drop off - and include printed pricing information/line sheet and contact information. Ideally, the samples are contained in a bag or box of some sort. Please note that we are unable to accept samples on Saturdays. 

 Now that all the nitty gritty details are out of the way...

Thank you for your interest in working with Common Deer!! We appreciate your understanding through the application process. Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to each and every application, due to the volume of inquiries.  If our buying team feels that your products are a great fit, we will be in touch to schedule an appointment or to place an order. Please respect that this process can take up to 6 months, so if you haven't heard from us, hold tight! Feel free to give us a nudge after a month or two on the same email thread if possible. 


The Common Deer Team

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