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Our Story

Common Deer was founded on the idea that everything is better with a bit of character. We stock our shelves with goods that are full of story - where it was made, how, who, and why. Focusing on Made in America and small batch manufacturing, we showcase goods from craftsmen and companies that are creating quality products and driving our economy forward from the ground up. Our manufacturers employ thousands of American workers and support thousands of families. 

We're often asked the origin of the name "Common Deer" -  and yes, it is a play on the word Commandeer. Don't worry, we won't try to steal your ship (unless it's a really ridiculously nice one). We find it best to explain our name with the aid of a pair of hand antlers when saying "Deer" (do it, you'll enjoy it). 
The name refers to our desire for everyone to live with the "common" good in mind. And to Common Deer is to fully embrace this lifestyle. So go on... Common Deer it. Buy something American Made that supports American workers, spreads out wealth, cuts down on overseas freight pollution, was produced in environmentally and socially conscious ways, and will last longer.


While it is not always possible, when you can, please consider buying American Made. We have worked hard to comb the country for our favorite USA made products, and we're excited to share our collection with you.  

Whether you're shopping online or visiting our shop at 210 College Street in Burlington, VT, please don't hesitate to reach out with questions. Our online shop is just a small sampling of what we showcase in our bricks and mortar shop. So for the full experience, plan a trip in to see much more of our collection! 

Common Deer is family owned and operated, with support from an amazing group of rockstar employees. 


Here are some kind words that made us blush...   

 Sharon Beal: Champion of USA Made, State 14, September 24, 2016

"Situated on the corner of South Winooski and College Street in the heart of Burlington, VT is a shop named Common Deer. Stocked to the brim with well and lesser known brands such as Filson, Red House, Jeremy Ayers Pottery, Shinola, Queen City Dry Goods and more, this brick and mortar establishment may have small-town charm but it’s mission is big. Shop owner and USA-made advocate Sharon Beal, sat down to talk with us about small business and her pursuit to bring manufacturing back home, one vendor at a time." read full article


 Decor Store Common Deer Leaps into Burlington, Seven Days, September 16, 2015

"Sharon Beal appreciates furnishings with a past. So when her husband asked if he should sand off the gear marks on an old industrial table destined for his wife's store, Beal told him, "Oh no, keep the gears on there." The marks are faintly visible atop the tall table, which sits in the bright, 1,900-square-foot Common Deer gifts and housewares store at the corner of College Street and South Winooski Avenue in downtown Burlington. The shop opened in mid-July with three times the space Common Deer had in its former location in Shelburne Village, where Beal launched the operation in 2013. Two years later, it was definitely time to grow." read full article


Local Store: Common Deer, Seven Days, December 3, 2014

"The locally owned boutique, Common Deer offers a bounty of little luxuries. The wooden shelves and tasteful antique display cases are artfully stocked with handmade jewelry, artisan-crafted cards and posters, backpacks, blankets, and other home goods..." read full article






Father's Day Gift Guide, Local 44/22, June 15, 2017



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