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1 Year: What we haven't lost.

This weekend marks a full year of switching gears. A year apart from friends and loved ones, watching small businesses close, witnessing tragedy and loss… a heavy year for all.

Like many working to preserve their livelihoods, this year has not been a downshift. Before March 2020, our small business relied almost entirely on in-person sales. Not unlike our unique approach to retailing, we also decided that we'd take a different approach to weathering the storm. Instead of being "open" when permitted, we leaned hard into a new path forward.

Still with each knock on our locked door, each disappointed message, or weighted question of "Why don't you just open already?" --- the bigger question ❔reared its ugly head: "Are we throwing away the business we've built over 8 years?"

Our community is the most important thing to this business. The community of customers, makers, and artists. But also, the community of our space. There is nothing like our shop bustling full -- friends discovering new finds together, employees sharing stories of makers, the constant laughter from the card section, tourists getting restaurant advice, the satisfaction when the perfect gift is found, local makers popping in to say hello! In a retail shop, each day is much like the one before -- full of beautiful wares, lots of cheer, and most importantly, YOU!

Despite this difficult year, the community we’ve built continues to show up. In addition to online orders, customer notes of encouragement have kept the wind in our sails. Our makers and vendors have understood hard decisions, respecting the pressures of running a storefront in a pandemic and found ways to support. And our storefront patiently waits once again to be filled with the cheer of in-store shopping.

We continue to fight hard for what we've spent years building. Amid so much tragedy and distance this year, we are thankful that we have not lost the most important thing to us - YOU. Our hearts go out to all those that have experienced loss this year.

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