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Meet the Makers, July 2020 Edition

Without our incredible makers, Common Deer wouldn’t exist. We work hard to seek out the best talent from around the country: American makers, artists and manufacturers who share our vision. Currently, we’re proud to work with over 500 partners across the U.S., and our goal is to fill out our map by finding makers in every state!

The excitement of discovering a new artist is why we love what we do. Their creativity is a constant inspiration, and these talented people are the core of our company. With your backing, our small business is able to support a wide network of makers, and help them to make a living doing what they love.

Inside the store we feature maker stories with product - to recreate that, we'll be sharing these story cards on our blog in groups. There are plenty of makers to meet, as we've worked with over 1,000 different brands since we got our start in 2013. 


Meet 5 of our makers: 


We Dream in Colour

salem, ma

Envisioned by designer Jade Gedeon, this vintage-influenced jewelry line is hand-made and woman-powered. Owing to her family’s nomadic lifestyle, Jade’s aesthetic has been shaped by a range of global influences. Her line is well known for its nature-inspired motifs, and especially its saltwater patinaed pieces. Dedicated to minimizing their environmental impact, WDIC prioritizes socially conscious decision-making throughout their business.



Crazy Cat Lady Ceramics

isle la motte, vt

Known for their functional and artistic mugs, this brand also has a strong sense of fun. The founders are (no surprise!) two animal lovers, and they embrace and enjoy the title of the “Crazy Cat Ladies.” Their hand thrown ceramics even undergo an extra inspection – by their four cats! The pets are stars behind the scenes (boasting a large social media following) and are featured on many of the ceramic designs, alongside famous faces and original art.


Uncle Goose

grand rapids, mi

In 1983 William Bultman was dismayed to find no one was making wooden alphabet blocks, the classic children’s toy, in the USA. So, he decided to hand-build his own. Thus began a family business, and today Bultman’s son Pete runs the company his father started over three decades ago. He remains committed to crafting everything entirely in the USA with materials sourced from around the Great Lakes; each creatively designed block is non-toxic and built to be passed down to future generations.


Devi Arts Collective

vancouver, ca

Inspired by collaborations with artists from around the world, Devi Arts features the nature-inspired designs of Bayoush Mengesha. Wanting to be more accountable for the impacts of sourcing her raw materials, Bayoush built Devi Arts in the image of the ‘slow fashion’ movement. Slow fashion encourages and enables consumers to make more conscious and sustainable choices. We occasionally feature standout makers from our neighbor to the north - Devi Arts is based in Canada.



Red House

burlington, vt

Britt and Matt quit their jobs, packed up their family, and moved to Vermont practically sight unseen. Wanting to engage life more passionately, they aimed to shift focus from economy to community. The couple began making waxed canvas bags somewhat by accident. But, following the dream of living a simple fulfilling life, they harnessed their serious talents to build their line of stylish, Vermont weather-ready bags. Each piece is still made by hand. As business grew their workshop moved into a bigger space — and the family moved into a sweet red house.


Find the work of any of these artists by searching their name in the search bar! And look for more maker stories on our platforms! 

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