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"Art in the Window" Community Project

We invite everyone to take part in our "Art in the Window"  Community Project! This month marks 2 years of the pandemic and we want to remind everyone the importance of getting through this TOGETHER. To celebrate the that idea of "together" we've set up an art project that requires a community effort. We’ll be collecting paper chains from artists like YOU (all ages and all abilities). We will build a continuous paper chain over the course of the month of February. New additions to the growing chain will be added weekly - so there's the bonus pandemic-friendly-outdoor-activity of viewing the growing paper chain over the weeks. We hope that you will join in on the fun. Go as simple or wild with the design/decorations as you'd like. Parents: here’s a triple whammy of activities with your kiddos - easy paper cutting craft, dropping them off at our door, and then visiting our display window to see the art (we will post when new chains get added!). 

Thank you to everyone that helps build the chain!



Want to take part? Make a paper doll chain — on any type of paper/fabric (be as creative or simple as you’d like - feel free to stray from “dolls”), decorate if you'd like -- if possible please avoid glitter. Make as many chains as you’d like, we will display as many as we can! Inappropriate designs will not be displayed. 


Drop off your paper doll chains STARTING TOMORROW (January 28) and up until February 21 (the final chains will be added on Feb 22/23). The earlier you drop off your chain(s) the longer it will be displayed in the window. 


Thank you for taking part in this community "art in the window" project. 

Reminder - We are not open for drop offs tuesdays or wednesdays - and our store front remains closed, so please check our website for our door service hours for drop off days/times here:

Not local? Doll chains can also be mailed to us -- Common Deer, 210 College Street, Suite 101, Burlington, VT 05401.


**If you would like your part of the chain back please write a contact email address legibly on the back of your design and we will try to get it back to you.


And if you'd like hints on how to make a paper doll chain - here are some helpful videos

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