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2 Years Reflection - Share your Joy

Today marks 2 years since the pandemic forced us to temporarily shut our doors. Keeping Common Deer afloat has been a roller coaster through the last two years, and YOU have kept the cart on the track for us — we owe you our whole cards section worth of thank you notes ❤️…. If you’ve been with us for a minute, you know by now that business as usual for us doesn’t just mean slinging American made goodies and posting about a beautiful locally made mug that just arrived. It also means donating, finding ways to encourage change, trying to have a positive impact and more. Right now, we're seeing many of our friends and family members slump under the weight of everything going on. While we cannot hide that we too have been feeling low, we know that many of our followers come here seeking joy and lightness for their own mental health.  In the spirit of that energy, we’re hoping that you might take part in something easy with us!
On our instagram, we're encouraging followers to share something that has brought them joy in the last two years. Big or Small! Maybe you went through a big life change like becoming a parent (see photo of me, shop owner Sarah with my joy - becoming a mom last year)… or maybe you cooked a fabulous cake last summer.... or volunteered your time or.... JUST KEPT GOING. Whatever it is, we hope you'll share it here.  Now here's why it “helps” -- for every joy shared, we'll be donating $2 …. One to @hungerfreevt and one to @unicef up to a total of $200. We hope that this mini reflection helps bring you some comfort. 


Thank you again to our team and our customers for getting us through these past two years, and continuing to keeping us moving forward. 

- Sarah + the Common Deer Team

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