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Meet Luz, the founder of Casupo, who was born near the Casupo mountain range in Valencia, Venezuela. It was on Casupo she learned the power of nature and began to feel a responsibility to take good care of it. Fast forward many years and she found herself working in the shoe designing business, and in doing so visited many tanneries where she collected swatches and samples, which inspired her to start her own leather brand.  As she became more conscious of her day-to-day consumption, she realized that small changes could mean big progress.  She wanted to make it easy for her customers to make a difference, so she began to weave sustainability into her business. Thus, Casupo and its responsible leathers were born.

Luz is intent on giving back and running a company that makes her proud, and here at Common Deer we feel inspired by her commitment to sustainability, philanthropy, and quality leather goods!

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