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This is Vermont FAQ's

This is Vermont Print Series



Extra details for the curious artist!

We ask that applicants avoid seeking advice in person (our store staff need to be focused on helping customers support artists like you!) Please direct all questions to us by email. Thank you for your understanding!


General print and packaging decisions are left up to each artist - our best advice? Honor the way you want to present your art, while balancing choices about paper, size and packaging to offer the most reasonable price point.


Here are some pointers for common questions:


Q: What is the best paper type?

A: We have sold prints on all kinds of different papers - handmade, heavy weight, light weight, photographic etc. It really depends on the art medium and personal preference. Consider reaching out to other artists in your medium about the advantages/disadvantages of different printing methods and paper types.


Q: What is the ideal print size?

A: We regularly stock prints in sizes between 8x10 and 24x36. Many sizes can work well, but prints in standard frame sizes tend to sell best. Check out the print selection on our website or in our store to see what we regularly stock.


Q: How should I package my print?

A: Large prints may need to be rolled in tubes. However, a cellophane sleeve with cardboard backing typically displays your artwork best - so if your print is sized to allow for this we recommend it.


Q: What art mediums do you typically sell?

A: We sell prints in many artistic mediums and are always excited to see more variety in our selection! We’ve sold graphic design, illustration, painting, photography, block print and more in our store.


Q: How should I price my submission?

A: The wholesale price of your piece must reflect the cost of all artwork, development, production, labor, supplies, shipping/delivery to Common Deer, and protective packaging. If your print is chosen, we will be buying - at a minimum - 25 of your prints up front, and this will help cover your costs of production and of selling your art through your direct channels.


If you need a starting point for how to price your submission, we recommend checking out our website or shop to see how comparable prints are priced. Since this program aims to create accessible, small batch art, ideally your prints should wholesale for under $50. Retail price is typically 2X the wholesale price. For example, a print that is wholesaled to us at $50 will have a retail price of $100 on it (this covers our costs of running a retail operation).


Below we’ve outlined some selections from our current Vermont prints as examples of pricing. Prices do vary greatly based on the original medium, the method for printing, the paper used, the packaging materials, and more:


8 x 10 - graphic design, black and white, flatpack, $20

8 x 10 - watercolor, flatpack, $20

6 x 16 (nonstandard) - drawing, flatpack, $40

11 x 14 - watercolor, flatpack - $50

11 x 14 - collage, flat pack - $35

11 x 17 - graphic design, black & white, flatpack - $25

13 x 19 -  drawing, letterpressed, limited edition, flatpack - $47.50

13 x 19 - graphic design, multicolor, flat pack - $30

18 x 24 - linocut, handmade paper, limited edition, tube - $80

18 x 24 - screenprint, multi, cardboard tube - $45

24 x 36 - graphic design, 3 screen print, tube: $52


The above prices are retail prices, so their wholesale price would be half. This outline should not serve to exclude any works, but to give you an idea of where to go with pricing.


Q: What does it mean to give Common Deer exclusivity?

A: Our annual ‘This Is Vermont’ project aims to inspire people to create new art celebrating their love of Vermont. In previous years we have received many submissions that didn’t fit into the “new” category, so this year we’ve decided to open it up to artwork that was created at any time. However, we will still give preference to art that has been designed specifically for this project, and to artists who are open to giving Common Deer a period of wholesale exclusivity.


As an artist, there are no official contracts you’ll need to sign - an exclusive wholesale agreement is simply a friendly agreement. We would ask that Common Deer be your only retail partner for the submitted artwork for a 3 month period. At the end of 3 months, we’d love to be given the option to re-order (if we haven’t already) before we lose the partnership. If selected, artists are always allowed and encouraged to sell the print (at the same retail price) through their direct channels - craft fairs, farmer’s markets, pop-ups, etsy, website, etc.


We have found this strategy successful and mutually beneficial with many artists. Working with Common Deer inherently provides visibility to a wide audience - and we especially love to promote items (and the artists behind them) which are unique to us!


All that being said, exclusivity is not required - we’d just like to know at the time of submission whether exclusivity is an option or not. Please also note that any work you have previously wholesale-d/sold on commission at stores or galleries is not eligible for exclusivity. Works are eligible for the exclusivity option if you have sold them through your direct channels (etsy, farmer’s markets, etc.) Unsure? Just note this on your submission.


An exclusivity agreement is intended to help us grow together - as we promote makers, artists, and partners that in turn support the work we are doing in the community. If you have any concerns or questions about exclusivity let us know - we’re happy to talk things through.


If your question is not answered above, please email


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