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Shipping FAQ's



We never guarantee shipping transit times (as it's out of our hands). We however want to increase the likelihood that your order will make it to you by December 25. 

  • We will continue to ship until December 22. No shipping Dec 23 through Jan 5.  
  • Most orders are packed and shipped from our store within 24 hours of the order being placed during the month of December.
  • We have 2 flat rate shipping tiers during the holidays: 
  1. basic flat rate: we typically select USPS priority or UPS ground for larger, heavier packages 
  2. expedited flat rate: we will select the method that is fastest based on the budget for your particular package, and if there's lots of funds left over, we will send you a refund. 

Here are our recommendations for when to get your order in to us to arrive in time for December 25:

If ordering before December 15 at noon, our basic flat rate tier should be fine. The farther your order has to travel from Vermont, the more we recommend going with the expedited option or placing your order earlier! 

If ordering after December 15 at noon, you can certainly take your chances with the basic but we recommend selecting expedited. 

If ordering between December 15 at noon and December 19 at noon, we recommend selecting expedited. 

If ordering after December 19 at noon, you will be taking your chances with any shipping method, but we will update this page with more info. 

**Reminder: We never guarantee shipping timelines, these are just recommendations. Unfortunately, packages can be delayed, weather happens, and things get lost --- the earlier you place the order, the more likely we are to be able to offer some solutions.  




  • We mostly use USPS Priority mail, and occasionally UPS Ground or USPS First Class if it makes more sense. 
  • Orders typically take 1-3 days to process in-house, and USPS Priority is in transit 2 - 6 business days once shipped - although it is not guaranteed. Please contact the shipping carrier once the tracking information has been sent to you with concerns about transit time.
  • During holidays and other noted high volume times, we may require extra time to process orders, so please place your order early.



  • We ship using FLAT RATES depending on the destination. Our rates cover shipping materials and wages to employees in addition to postage. 

Please pay attention to product descriptions as some items may not qualify for certain discount codes that involve free shipping, but unfortunately our website tech won't prevent you from checking out. We may be in touch for shipping charges.  


  • We cannot guarantee a delivery day and cannot foresee any delays that may happen once the USPS or UPS receives your order.
  • If you have received tracking information for your order, the package is no longer in our possession - and out of our control. Please contact the post office or UPS respectively with your tracking number if you are experiencing the following issues:
    • You are having trouble tracking your item 
    • Your order was deemed undeliverable
    • Your item was delivered but you cannot find it
    • Your order has been delayed


We encourage you to deliver to a location where someone will be present to receive the package. We ask that you ensure your address is safe for deliveries at the time of order, as package theft is the number one growing crime in America. In some cases, we are sometimes able to send replacement packages or refund -- but this is based on a few factors which we can go over if this happens to you. We have an insurance carrier for package theft, but they do not cover every package theft unfortunately. 

If you would like signature confirmation added to your order, please ask us at time of order or within 10 minutes of ordering. We only add signature confirmation by request, as many customers prefer to ship without it, so please let us know if you would not like this to be added. We are also happy to change an address if your package has not been shipped yet - so that the delivery destination is more secure. 

Please confirm the shipping address (or that of your gift recipient) before ordering and then when you receive the order confirmation email. Unfortunately, we do not have the bandwidth to hunt down undeliverable packages after they have left our business if the address is incorrect. If we receive a package back to us, we will contact you with re-shipping details and expenses. 



If a package is officially "lost" on your tracking information - contact us and we will file a claim and get things situated for you. Please note that "delayed" unfortunately does not mean "lost". We wish that when a package was "delayed" we could do more - but unfortunately, unless the package is marked as "lost" we cannot file a claim to cover a replacement for you. 



If your package has been returned to sender or is deemed undeliverable - it is your responsibility to pay for the new postage to resend your order. Please be careful when entering shipping addresses, especially if it is being sent as a gift. 



For online shipments or store pickups, please let us know within 1 - 3 days of delivery if there is a problem with your shipment - i.e. wrong size shipped by mistake or the item is damaged by emailing us at If you suspect the damage is from shipment, please hold onto the box and shipping materials, as for insurance claims with our carriers, we have to provide specific detailed photographs of the package damage. 

If you have received an item gift wrapped, please inspect items within the 3 days before throwing out shipping boxes (our special gift wrap allows for you to unwrap/rewrap easily and inspect). 


Thank you for your understanding with these policies! 

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