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Our Makers + Artists

Did you know that everything we sell is domestically made? We're proud to feature the work of 100's of craftspeople, artists, and domestic factories. By supporting our small business, you're ensuring jobs stay stateside, skilled artists do what they love, and local economies thrive. And major bonus - domestic production is way easier on the environment!
Each month, right here, we'll be introducing you to a few of those American makers we care about in Meet Your Makers
Thank you for supporting our small business and goods made here.


Currently featured makers: 

Meet Emily & Oliver of Ursa Major

Eleven years ago Emily Doyle and Oliver Sweatman moved from New York City to the mountains of Vermont to simplify their lives and be closer to the great outdoors. They soon noticed the effects of their healthier lifestyle: mind, body, spirit, and skin all changed for the better. Ursa Major aspires to help others —no matter where they live— get that "healthy mountain glow." Their forest-infused formulas harness nature's most effective ingredients to help you achieve clear, healthy skin. Find their wonderfully natural skincare products at Common Deer!
- - - - - - - - - - - 

Meet Katie & Nick of June & December

Named after the months their children were born, June & December was founded in 2014 by Katie and Nick Forte. Katie and Nick believe that most memorable gifts have a meaningful story to tell. Their goods aspire to remind you of a recent adventure, a memorable dinner, or a fond childhood memory and hope their stories connect with yours as they celebrate the many ways nature connects us.
 - - - - - - - -

Meet Shana of Firstborn Jewelry

Inspired by her Scandinavian roots, Shana creates minimal jewelry that is effortless and stylish. She constantly looks to broaden her study of simple, repeating forms and designs, which she builds into beautiful and interesting pieces meant for everyday wear. All of her pieces are made of mixed metals, often complemented by natural materials. Each one is designed and handcrafted by Shana in her Burlington, Vermont studio.

- - - - - - - - - - 


Meet the team behind Brainstorm.

Briana and Jason are the dynamic duo behind Brainstom, a design studio and print shop out of Dover, NH. This badass married couple blurs the lines between commercial graphic design, illustration, home decor, and fine printmaking, with projects inspired by design & nature. 
- - - - - - - - - - 
Meet Janine Kwoh of Kwohtations.

Kwohtations is an ever-evolving collection of greeting cards that reflect and celebrate a diversity of identities and life experiences. Owner/ artist/ one-person assembly line Janine began making cards in 2011 as an offering of her own navigation of love and loss, "as a way to reflect on and honor the lives we actually lead, versus the ones we think we should," leaning on humor to survive difficult times and celebrate life's joys.

Janine prints each letterpress card one-at-a-time on an antique printing press, and also paints in many designs by hand. 

- - - - - - - 


Meet Daren Thomas Magee of Real Fun, Wow

Daren is an Ojai, California based self-taught artist who "fell ass backwards into this career" after posting his drawings on Instagram and receiving incredible positive feedback. Without any classical training or connections to the art world, Daren took a leap of faith to commit full-time to his art, which is a blend of freelance illustration, murals and design.

His work takes inspiration from the liminal space between his imagination and the natural world around him. 

- - - - - - - -  

Look for more Meet Your Makers posted here each month. We currently work with over 500 brands, and we cannot wait to introduce you to them! 


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*all imagery property of individual makers, please contact makers directly for use of their assets. 

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