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New to Wholesale FAQs

Explaining Wholesale Pricing: 

Wholesale pricing sometimes makes for a tricky transition for makers as they move into the retail game...  Some makers find out that they've set a certain price for their goods, and haven't built in enough room to accommodate standard wholesale margins while also giving themselves a fair wage, or that receiving 50% of what they could sell on their own is a real speed bump. However... the good news with wholesaling is that we take care of the sales/ marketing/ retail side of things, so that you can spend more time doing the fun stuff-- making. Additionally, we provide promotion and access to a wider audience. The 450+ makers that we work with have found value in transitioning to wholesale as a means to grow their business and appeal to a wider platform.  If you're open to giving us a workable margin, and matching retail pricing in your sales, it's a definite go.

With almost all our makers, we work with keystone wholesale pricing, which means retail pricing is 2x the wholesale cost. This is fairly common for most retailers-- the price differential goes towards paying sales staff to sell the products, paying for credit card transactions, marketing the goods...basically keeping the lights on at Common Deer. We also try to exactly match the retail price of our makers, particularly if they're local, so that we're not competing with or undermining each other and so that we're giving you a fair payment for your hard work. We can't survive by buying your products for $35 and selling them for $40, nor can we get away with buying them for $35 and selling for $70, if you had them on your website/etsy for $35 (customers would kill us). 

Explaining Invoices: 

The next step in terms of how we usually work with a maker is that they shoot us back an itemized invoice. Sorry for the reiteration if you already know how this goes; we are working with makers at all different levels, so we are trying to best serve everyone. The invoice does not need to be anything more than a word document outlining the following: 

  • Your company 
  • How and when you should be paid --- i.e. whether you accept credit cards, and whether invoice is due in advance or on shipment/drop off
  • Where would you like checks sent
  • Who to make checks out to (your name vs. your company’s name if you officially set up to cash checks under the company name)
  • What items you are selling to us, how many of each, and the cost of each item
  • Total invoice amount 
  • (no sales tax, since we are a re-seller, and can provide a resale certificate if you need it for your tax filing)


At the time of order, please send along our invoice, so that we can plan a pay date, get the product logged into our inventory system, and see if there are any issues.

The invoice is also the means to which we pay you -- So if you'd prefer to be paid by check, make sure you include your address you'd like the check to be sent to on the actual invoice, and to whom you would like the check made out (is it your name vs. do you have an LLC). We pay checks electronically, so that we can keep a record of payments. We are unable to write checks on the spot for drop offs.  If you take credit cards, that’s great too-- we can call you with credit card info when it's time to pay the bill-- we just don't make payments without the invoice, so it's important that you get that to us before calling/emailing requesting payment. 

Vendors have different systems concerning when they would like to be paid-- some ask for payment in advance of shipping an order, some ask for payment upon delivery, and some give us terms, net 30, meaning we would pay the vendor up to 30 days after we received the product. Whichever you choose is really up to you - but we prefer to not pay in advance of the product shipping - as for example, say something is backordered or unable to be sent due to material needs - taking it off the invoice prepayment is easier than chasing a refund - believe us. 


Product & Receiving: 


Please ensure your products are "retail ready" when they arrive to Common Deer. Meaning, we unpack boxes or bags and your product is ready for the floor - and should not require too much set up. Additionally, if it might be unclear in receiving, which product is what on the invoice, please find a way to clarify this if it is not immediately obvious. 

If it is a print, please make sure that it is protected with a sleeve and has a reinforced backing. If you have questions about this, please let us know. If there are problems that we notice during receiving - i.e. wrong item sent, broken/damaged items, old price tags, origin issues, or quality control issues we will be in touch within 7 days of receiving the order to report issues and determine a solution. 

Items received that are not made in the USA will be returned at the expense of the maker. If you are "finishing" an item, please make sure that the base item is manufactured in the USA . Raw materials CAN be sourced internationally. But ask yourself, where did the item become the type of item we sell it as? If it's a hat, where did it become a hat? If it's a candle, where did it become a candle. If you have concerns, talk to us! 

Before you promote your new partnership with Common Deer, please note that it can take us 1 - 2 weeks to receive products, so be aware of this in your own promotion. That said, we encourage you to be excited about our partnership and spread the news!





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