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We send out special news, perks, and... what you're really looking for - discount codes - to our email list. We've never really understood the "10% off your first order!" offer - it's odd to reward never-before customers, just to get them over the thresh hold - right? Feels desperate, no?
Instead, we like to give the rewards to the customers that have been on our team for a while. Our email subscribers get discount codes, access to special gifts, and random other surprises just for being on the list! There's also random goodies and giveaways scattered into our emails - so don't forget to read the whole email each week. We sometimes pick RANDOM email readers from the last week just to win store credit. Or you might get an offer just for opening the last 5 emails - yes, we're that weird. Our emails are also your way of getting to experience our store when you might not be able to make it in. Get excited to see Common Deer hit your inbox. 
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