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    What's this all about?

    As a woman-owned business, we're hoping to be a strong leader in our area to support women in business. We feel that rather than expect change to happen, we need to be active and engaged - providing support for women pursuing entrepreneurship, business expansion, or general career advancement. So far, we have launched our event series, Business Lady, which provides a space for conversation and inspiration. We are in the beginning stages of introducing our second solution, which are "Business Lady Circles" which are peer mentorship groups which will meet semi regularly to provide advice, support, feedback, and more. All of these programs are currently free to be involved, and we hope that you will take part. 


    If we receive enough interest in being a part of the Business Lady Circles program, we will place individuals in groups by the end of the summer based on a number of factors. Please help spread the word, and be sure to fill out this survey before the cut off date, July 23! We are hoping to reach the minimum interest number by this date. Please note this mentorship placement program is only open to those able to meet in the greater Burlington area. 

    If the survey below is blank, click here to answer questions. 


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    * Please note that "Business Lady" events and programs are open to all those that identify as "she" or "they". If you identify as another pronoun, please let us know your interest in something similar, and we are happy to be work on something with you.