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Topo Designs

TOPO Designs’ bright color combinations and clean lines come from the minds of founders Jedd Rose and Mark Hansen. Growing up with hand-me-downs, they became enamored with the simplicity, functionality, and aesthetics of their parent’s retro outdoor gear. Drawing from the inspiration of their well-worn bags – they started TOPO Designs from Rose’s Fort Collins, Colorado basement in 2008. While they were still working from those subterranean digs – their clean, minimal bag design was featured in The New York Times. 
Purchasing a TOPO Design is money well-spent – as not only will you have a killer accessory upping your awesomeness, but you can also weather a storm, hike a mountain, go camping, carry your books to class, etc etc – but more importantly you’re supporting a super great company and the US of A.
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